Entering Discovery
Energy Essentials for the Art & Practice of Meditation & Transformation

A 7 week online course of chakra energy exploration and training

Learn to use your natural, everyday experience to bring you into a deeper coherence of peace, creativity, insight and healing. 

Seven energy centers, seven crossroads, seven empowering perspectives; seven mystical yet practical keys to unfolding your experience physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, creatively, intuitively and inter-dimensionaly.

Discover how the chakras can be utilized to enhance your abilities to communicate, intuit, protect, change and unfold into your unique life expression, your personal communion with Creation. 

Learning to Meditate

Depending on the context, the word “meditation” can mean anything from “sitting and doing nothing” to “visualizing energy in and around me.” In this course we will explore this spectrum of meditational practices and see how these seemingly contrary approaches actually merge to form a more grounded and creative whole practice. 

What Are Chakras and What Can They Do?

The word “chakra” is another word that has taken on numerous meanings. What we often don’t realize in the West is that there is not just one Chakra system, but many. There are systems of 7 chakras, systems of 3 chakras, systems of 5 chakras, systems of 13 chakras and numerous other configurations. It has only been in our modern era, and largely only in the West, due to the misunderstandings of a few initial authors and the proliferation of their mistakes as dogma, that we have come to think of there being 7 chakras that are colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue and so on. Such an approach to chakras makes for pretty art, but will not get you very far down the path of wisdom.

So the first thing to understand about any chakra system is that it is for a specific purpose, or set of purposes. There are chakra systems for healing, chakra systems for communing with deities, chakra systems for sorcery and so on. The chakra system taught here is no different, in that it has specific purposes, but it is a very flexible and modular system in that it is easy to use it for different purposes you may discover over time, as you see fit and your creativity inspires. 

This approach is primarily a western approach. Many of it’s tenets and practices were developed through the Berkeley Psychic Institute. In the original context they are mostly about training someone to be a psychic, perhaps a reader or a healer. I have taken these practices away from the idea of training professional psychics and expanded them to be able to be applied to the basic everyday living and navigating of life as a person who is psychically, or energetically, aware. If you are not already energetically aware, these practices help with that too. 

Like a crystal with many different facets, the heart of this chakra system has multiple angles to see it from. Here are the main ones we will address in this course:

  • Healthy Energetic Living and Relating through Balanced Individuation
  • Untying Karmic Energy Knots through Developmental (Psychological) Self Healing
  • Exploring the Doing and Not Doing Approaches for Transformation and Integration
  • Reclaiming Our Energy and Imagination from Unhealthy Cultural Indoctrination 

Put simply this course will give you a toolset to heal and integrate, to reclaim your creative power in this life and to understand how life moves inside of us and outside of us in ways that are more conducive to health, wellbeing, empowerment and relationship. 

Who Is This Course For?

This material can benefit many different approaches and practitioners, including:

  • Energy workers, psychics and intuitive who wish to deepen their understanding of the different ways of understanding and utilizing energy.
  • Yoga practitioners who would like to understand chakras in ways that help both on and off the mat.
  • Ritual magic practitioners who want to strengthen their abilities to worth in the etheric, astral and other visionary states of communion and spellwork.
  • Naturally empathic and/or intuitive people who want to get a grasp on and nurture their abilities in order to not only live as a sensitive, but also how to thrive in their personal life and be of service to others energetically.

Meet Your Meditation Guide

Gabe Marihugh has been studying and practicing meditation and myriad esoteric teachings for over 30 years. He began working with chakras and related energy practices over 20 years ago with the Order of the Ascended Rose (OAR), a quirky little teaching order that aimed to train people to be energy wizards. From the OAR he earned first his ministers credentials, and many years of training later his Doctor of Divinity. 

In the course of his explorations he has wandered near and far in the esoteric world. While many different teachings inform his approaches he holds ritual magic, non dual inquiry and various forms of empty presence meditation closest to his heart. 

He teaches regular classes on meditation and hosts weekly tea ceremonies to help spread the dreaming. He is also the creator of the Wild Harmonic Oracle Cards; a modern divination deck for navigating the energetic world of the awakened dreamer. 

More of what this class will include:

  • Directly exploring your essential nature which is beyond yet imminent of any state or experience
  • Cultivating a personal meditation and energy practice
  • Communicating with your Spirit Guides
  • Developing a healthy relationship with Certainty
  • Healing your relationship with yourself, deepening self trust and self honesty
  • Discerning the difference between your energy and someone else, and the many ways we misidentify such
  • Understanding how we get out of alignment with ourselves, with our creativity and with our path, and how to correct this
  • Recognizing the influence of Culture, and reclaiming your body, mind and spirit from the forces of confusion
  • Upping your power to create, and destroy (de-structure, break down), in order to more fully express yourself in this life
  • And more!

At its core this course is about changing our relationship with ourselves, through word, practice and energy, in order to liberate ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually. These techniques are powerful tools for inquiry and transformation. They cultivate an ongoing, personal reclaiming of our energetic and creative birth rights, and through this inner revolution give us the power to change our world in the ways we have long sought.

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